Kawasaki City Fujiko F. Fujio Museum

F Theater's latest work
"Doraemon & F Character All Stars
Dream Town, F Land"

The "F Theater" on the second floor of the Kawasaki City Fujiko F Fujio Museum is screening short films that can only be seen here! Currently, the latest work "Doraemon & F Character All-Stars Dream Town, F Land" is on show. This is an original short animated film for the museum, based on the story of the third volume of the Tentomushi Comics "Doraemon" "Dream Town, Nobita Land" and the 32nd volume "Anything Airport". It is a work that is fitting for the 90th anniversary of the birth of Fujiko F Fujio, with a large gathering of F characters. *To watch the works at the "F Theater", you will need an admission ticket to the Kawasaki City Fujiko F Fujio Museum.

Obake no Q-taro / ©Fujiko-Pro・Fujiko-Studio

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