A SF adventure masterpiece by Fujiko F. Fujio

"T.P. Bon (Time Patrol Bon)" new edition,
Publication has started!

"T.P. Bon (Time Patrol Bon)" is a masterpiece series that brings to fruition Fujiko F. Fujio's love of "history" and "ancient ruins" that he has pursued throughout his life into science fiction on an unparalleled scale. In addition, the Netflix series "T.P. Bon," which will begin streaming on May 2, 2024, is a hot topic as the first new anime series by Fujiko F. Fujio in about 30 years.
This sci-fi adventure masterpiece is now available in a new edition. The standard edition volumes 1 and 2 will be released simultaneously on April 30, 2024.
◎ The regular edition and collector's edition will each be published in five volumes. All 35 chapters will be included in the order they were published when they were serialized.
◎ The regular edition will be released on April 30, 2024, with volumes 1 and 2, followed by one volume at the end of each month. The collector's edition is scheduled to begin publication in July.

The T.P. (Time Patrol) is an organization from the future that rescues people who have died unfortunate deaths throughout the world and all eras. Bon (Namihirabon), an ordinary middle school student who learned of the organization's existence, aims to become a full-fledged T.P. under the guidance of his senior, Ream. Bon and his friends try to save the lives in front of them while fighting to the very last moment against the strict rules that prohibit changing history...

[Standard Edition, 5 volumes]
Volumes 1 and 2: On sale now
Volume 3: Scheduled to be released around May 30th (Thursday)
Volume 4: Scheduled to be released around June 28th (Friday)
Volume 5: Scheduled to be released around July 30th (Tuesday)
B6 size/soft cover
Price: 1,210 yen each (tax included)
*Release dates may vary in some areas.
*Design and content are subject to change.

[Collector's Edition, 5 volumes]
・This is the first time that a "T.P. Bon" book will be published in the same B5 size as when it was published in the magazine.
- Preview pages, color pages, and color cuts from when the series was serialized are also included.
-Codex binding allows the book to open flat all the way to the throat.
Publication scheduled to begin in July 2024
B5 size/soft cover
Price: 3,960 yen each (tax included)
*Content is subject to change.

■Netflix anime series "T.P. Bon"
Season 1: Exclusively available from Thursday, May 2nd
Season 2: Exclusively available from Wednesday, July 17th

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