Fujiko F. Fujio's works,
The first new anime series in about 30 years!

[Season 1] Now available to great acclaim!
Netflix series
"T.P. Bon (Time Patrol Bon)"

"T.P. Bon (Time Patrol Bon)," a masterpiece sci-fi adventure that traces history and saves lives, is a new anime series by Fujiko F. Fujio, the first in about 30 years, and is now available exclusively on Netflix!

Fujiko F. Fujio 90th Anniversary Works
"T.P. Bon (Time Patrol Bon)"
Netflix series
Season 1: Now available exclusively!
Season 2: Exclusively available from Wednesday, July 17, 2024!

A new edition of the comic "T.P. Bon (Time Patrol Bon)" is also now in publication!

[Standard Edition, 5 volumes]
Volumes 1 and 2: On sale now
Volume 3: Scheduled to be released around May 30th (Thursday)
Volume 4: Scheduled to be released around June 28th (Friday)
Volume 5: Scheduled to be released around July 30th (Tuesday)
B6 size/soft cover
Price: 1,210 yen each (tax included)
◎The collector's edition, all 5 volumes, will be published starting in July! *Release dates may vary in some areas.
*Design and content are subject to change.

"T.P. Bon" now available as a LINE stamp!
There are lots of easy-to-use stamps, including "Bon", Ream, and Buyoyon!

"T.P. Bon (Time Patrol Bon)"
The main character is a middle school student who is just as ordinary as his name suggests. But one day, something completely out of the ordinary happens to him. In the released footage, a shocking scene is shown right at the beginning, in which Bon's friend falls from an apartment, causing the whole area to be covered in blood. This scene alone makes it clear that this is a challenging and distinctive work. In front of Bon, who is frozen in shock, appears Reem Stream, a time patrol member who looks like a person from the future, wearing a strange helmet and uniform. Then, with an unusually calm and collected attitude, she mutters, "I guess we'll just have to rewind..." and time rewinds to before the accident, and the death of his friend is restored to its original state!
This incident leads Bon to become a rookie trainee of the "T.P. (Time Patrol)" a future organization that secretly saves people who died unfortunate deaths throughout history. Together with his senior Reem and the creature Buyoyon, who thinks he is an excellent member of the organization, he travels through time to various eras, such as Egypt when the pyramids were built, Japan in the age of war, and the Persian War in Greece. At first, Bon is excited about the trip and is carefree, but as he witnesses the horrific incidents and unfortunate accidents from all over history, he begins to feel a sense of mission to help people. "T.P." has many rules, such as "people who have an impact on the flow of history must not be rescued," which is an ironclad rule to avoid making a big impact on the timeline of history. Bon and Reem struggle and worry about how to help people while following these rules, and sometimes fail, but they still boldly take on the mission... In the video, the two cry out from the heart, "There's not much we can do," "There's no need to discriminate," "I want to run away...," "Everyone has a family," and "You think I'm okay with it!?" Lives that can be saved and those that can't be saved... "But even so... we, the Time Patrol, save lives." What awaits Bon, Lim, and Buyoyeon at the end of their epic adventure as they strive to become full-fledged members!?
This work is packed with elements of mystery that delves into historical events and unravels mysteries, human drama that confronts life, and humor that will make you chuckle, as well as educational elements that allow you to learn about "useful world history" while having fun. "For me, SF is not science fiction, but the S and F in 'slightly mysterious stories.'" says Fujiko F. Fujio, who has created his works based on his own philosophy. A little different from his previous works that depict everyday life, this "SF: slightly mysterious" historical adventure story that can be enjoyed by both adults and children begins now, with an eccentric approach!

◎Netflix series "T.P. Bon (Time Patrol Bon)
Ordinary (Namihira Bon): Akihisa Wakayama / Ream Stream: Atsumi Tanezaki / Buyoyon: Mamoru Miyano / Yumiko Yasukawa: Tomoyo Kurosawa Tetsuo Shiraishi: Yoko Hikasa / Yanagisawa: Setsue Ito / Yoko Shiraki: Saho Shirasagi / Gayla: Yasuyuki Kase

Original author: Fujiko F. Fujio
Director: Ando Masahiro Series Composition: Kakihara Yuko Main Writer: Sato Dai Character Design and Chief Animation Director: Sato Masahiro Mechanical Design: Tamamori Junichiro Art Design: Tsunagu Eiko Art Director: Onishi Tatsuro Color Design: Nakayama Shihoko Director of Photography: Zhang Yingying 3DCG Director: Miyake Takuma Editor: Takahashi Ayumu Sound Director: Wakabayashi Kazuhiro Sound Effects: Kurahashi Shizuo, Nishi Sachiko (Soundbox) Music: Oshima Michiru
Planning cooperation: Fujiko Productions Animation production: Bones Production: Netflix
※The lower left corner of Zhang Yingying’s ridge is not a sign but a sign of

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